Last summer I was home in Hawaii, rummaging through old boxes in our family's office when I stumbled upon my dad's old Minolta film camera. With a simple clean up and battery change, I brought the camera back to life and started messing around with some leftover black and white film I had. This role was a complete experiment because I still really had no idea if the camera would actually take my photos even though it appeared to be functioning again. Thats the fun thing about film, it fills you with suspense, excitement, and maybe a little bit of anxiety (but in the good way).  I shot pictures of my friends at the beach, my mom's beautiful garden, but most importantly I took some of the last  photos of my  dog, Daisy, just days before she passed away. She just happened to be my best test subject, and at the time, I didn't know we were going to be putting her down. I burst into tears when I got the film developed a month later and her sweet almond eyes stared back at me through the black and white film. So here's a little glimpse of my life in Honolulu through my dad's old Minolta. .